Winter Wilson's album number 5, released November 2010 - 13 original tracks and all completely acoustic. 

We thought the CD gods were working against us with this album. There were several stops and starts due to work commitments and family illnesses and we thought the album was not meant to be. To top it all the CD company went bust when the album was with them for reproduction - we had paid them at that point and never saw the money again. However, we managed to get it reproduced and despite all the bad omens it received the best reviews of anything we'd produced up to that point. Our faith in humanity was restored.

"An unreserved success" Steve Caseman R2 Magazine

"Clear sighted .... Stylishly sung" fROOTS Magazine

"Their vocal harmonies just ooze certainty, and Dave’s thrilling guitar work is just as authoritative" Dai Woosnam Living Tradition Magazine



1. Four Seasons More

I took a walk along East Bight
I was alone but not lonely
I had you there for company
My thoughts were with you only

It's been a year since I saw you last
I've counted each day passing
Four seasons more till we meet again
Four seasons more I'm asking

This city's been so kind to me
The works well paid and plenty
And life is good, but you're not here
And so my heart is empty

The distance now will soon be past
Don't dwell upon the sorrow
We've both had such happy times
There will be more to follow

Four seasons more then I'll be home
Four seasons more I'm asking
Four seasons more till we meet again
I'm counting each day passing

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2. A Soldier's Tale

I'll sing a song a soldiers tale, a story for to tell
About a brave young army lad, who served his country well
Two tours in Afghanistan, another in Iraq
Where the desert stole his soul from him
And will not give it back

Survival was priority. They taught this young man well
With skill and some good fortune he walked where others fell
There was no room for sentiment. He had a job to do
But who would want a soldier boy 
Whose fighting days are through

CHORUS       Spare a thought for the casualty whose wounds you cannot see
                      Spare a thought for the cripple who looks like you and me
                      Spare a thought for those who dare not sleep for fear of dreams
                      Spare a thought for those who dare not speak for fear they'd scream

So now he walks down civvy street; he no longer feels at home
Tho' there's people all around him he's hopelessly alone
Reliant upon charity to understand his pain
Just when you think your war is over, the fighting starts again


There's a tariff at the ministry; they've got a price for every limb
But what's the value of humanity or mental suffering
They'll pay you for an arm or leg, for a body that's not whole
But there is no compensation for a man who's lost his soul


So I'll sing a song a soldiers tale, a story for to tell
About a brave young army lad who served this country well
Two tours in Afghanistan, another in Iraq
But the desert stole his soul from him and will not give it back

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3. What Mothers Do

“For Christ's sake get up. It's Monday morning” she cries.
“I know you're awake. Come on, open your eyes”
I'm only your mother, but I'm nobody's fool.
Get washed and get dressed now, 'cause you're going to school”

“But Mam I've got a headache”.
“Yeah, you've tried that one before.
You'll have worse than a headache
If you're not soon out the door.
You're pushing your luck, son. I'll not tell you again.
You'd better have moved, boy, before I count to ten”

CHORUS     But he knows she loves him; it's just what mothers do.
                    He knows she loves him; it's just what mothers do.

“Drop the latch on the door, son, and have you got your key?
Your snap’s on the table.  Have you all the books that you need?
It's time I was gone, son. Come here and give me a kiss.
Did the tooth fairy call last night?
And did you make a wish?”


“Now get on with your homework, 
And we'll play football in the back yard.”
“Mam can I be United? Mam don't kick the ball so chuffin' hard.”
“Oy you wash your mouth out!
You didn't learn language like that from me
Over 'ere on me head son. Sh*t the ball's got stuck in the tree!”


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4. When The Ship Began To Roll

This story's not my own, it's stolen from a bleeding heart.
It's left for me to set it free but where, oh where to start?
It's left for me to set it free for all the world to hear - 
A sorry tale of love impaled from someone I hold dear.

He was 17 when he first saw those eyes of emerald green.
They held him fascinated; they held him in a dream.
They held him fascinated; all he could do was stare,
Convinced if heaven did exist then she could take him there.

CHORUS     She used him to fill her emptiness; he was ballast to her soul.
                    She thought that he might steady her when the ship began to roll.
                    When the ship began to roll, when the ship began to roll,
                    She thought that he might steady her when the ship began to roll.

Where once there was no distance 
Now they're miles and miles apart.
She'd gladly share her bed with him but would not share her heart.
She could not share her heart, for there was nothing there to give.
She burned her tracks, tore up the maps and blew up every bridge.

Sure enough that ship went down, a victim of the storm.
Their love lies broken on the rocks in the bitter grey of dawn.
Their love lies broken on the rocks while she's far out at sea,
Making waves and breaking hearts, such pleasant company.
Making waves and breaking hearts and dying to be free.


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5. Butterflies

Butterflies, can you not see what it is you do to me
Every time my sweetheart comes around?
Butterflies, why do you come, steal the words right off my tongue
Every time my sweetheart comes around?

My heart starts to beat a little faster.
I feel I go weak at the knees.
I practice every day these words I long to say, 
But every time I catch his eye, I stutter and my tongue gets tied.

Oh butterflies can you explain why you're messing with my brain
Every time my sweetheart comes around?

I love him so, but how will he ever know
When it's as much as I can do to raise a smile?
Every day's the same. How on earth do I explain?
Words don't come easily
Butterflies you're teasing me 

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6. Millstones Or Milestones

Won't you look at me, more than a hint of grey,
A pension fund and a health plan
To guide me on my way.
Where the hell did all the time go? 
Who'd have thought that this could be?
A step away from an easy chair and an artificial knee.

CHORUS     Are these millstones or milestones?
                    It's just a point of view.
                    Is your time spent on what might have been
                   Or what's in front of you?
                   What counts is not what you dream of 
                   But the dreams that you achieve.
                   Who cares what you believe in
                   Just as long as you believe.

All is rosy in the garden tho' a little overgrown.
The sundial doesn't see much sun
On broken paving stones.
Logs drying out for the winter in a corner of the lawn,
Stored like a lover's memory we use to keep us warm.


Take your luck where you can find it and find it where you can,
For everyday I tell myself that I'm a lucky man.
Forget the hearts you've broken;
Forgive those who've broken yours,
For life's too short for bitterness and the settling of scores.


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7. Sad Farewell

CHORUS     This will be such a sad, sad leaving.
                    This will be such a sad farewell.
                    Though we'll try not to cry, there'll be tears in our eyes;
                    There'll be hurt, much more than we could ever tell.
                    This will be such a sad farewell.

Though we know this won't be easy and it's tearing us apart,
Uncertainty and hope walk hand in hand.
There is hurt and there is pain, but surely laughter will remain
Give me your trust, I'm sure one day you'll understand.
Yes, with your trust I'm sure one day you'll understand.

There are reasons for going, reasons to stay
And  we'll question every reason why.
But a heart never wanders,  true love remains
And it lasts until the day we die.
It will last until the day we die.


Oh the future is for living. Be forgiving of your past.,
Don't look back with any bitterness or sorrow.
For whatever we have done, it's up to us to carry on
And look forward to a better day tomorrow.
Yes, look forward to a better day tomorrow.


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8. My Only Crime

Where've you been? It's a long time no see.
How're you doing? You're looking better than me.
Do you remember how I used to be?
How many years? It seems like a life time.
Do you recall? Is your memory as good as mine
Or have you forgotten me?

By the way, I hear you're a housewife,
A rich man, you settled for the good life.
Do you love the money or the man? I still don't understand,
Why you left me down in the gutter,
You cut me down like a knife through butter.
I didn't deserve all the pain you put me through.
My only crime was loving you.

CHORUS       I thought that we were strong together.
                      I thought that we could last forever.
                      Don't make a promise you know will be broken.
                      Don't use a heart for a cheap love token.
                      I never told a lie, everything I said was true.
                      My only crime was loving you.
                      My only crime was loving you.

It took a while to walk down your street,
I'm feeling rough but I'm back on my own two feet,
And know I'm standing here in front of you.
I thought we'd got it made together,
But you changed just like the weather.
There was nothing more for me to do,

I took your leaving like slamming in a brick wall.
You cleaned me out you left me nothing at all.
I was lucky to escape with the shirt on my back.
Oh such a vicious attack.
Can you sleep when you're lying in his bed?
Do you remember the things that we said?
Or does the guilt still haunt your mind?
Do you think of me sometimes?



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9. Turn, Turn, Turn

My name is Isaac Short and I'm a rope maker by trade.
There is a part of me in every strand that I have laid.
My wares they are as good as any man could ask,
For I have wound them strong so they will last.

When I was twelve years old apprentice I became,
Working for a roper, Thomas Hill it was his name.
I learned to wind the jack and to keep a steady time.
Work hard, cause no trouble, you'll be fine.

CHORUS     Turn turn turn, on the jack I would turn,
                    While William cranked the handle on the wain.
                    Turn turn turn, till our muscles ached and burned,
                    Then we'd stretch the rope and start over again.

William Winter came soon after me and our friendship it grew strong,
For William had a soul that you could build a castle on.
The ropes we made they bind like the strands of hemp entwined.
Here's to William Winter, friend of mine.


I've not travelled far, my life spent by the Slea,
But the ropes that I have made are rigging ships across the seven seas.
Many men rely on them when hauling in the sails.
I'm told they've rescued several from the gales.


Now my ropewalk days are gone, and William has passed on.
I still think about them both most every day.
With every passing year another landmark disappears.
Will we ever see the likes of them again?

Turn turn turn, on and on the earth it turns;
I'm sure it's spinning faster every day.
Turn turn turn, with every dawn a lesson learned;
Take note before the footprints fade away.
Be sure you make the best of everyday

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10. I Missed A Turn Along The Road

I recall the day that this all changed for you and I.
Where there'd not been a second thought, it hurt to say goodbye.
Completely unexpected; I was not prepared.
I missed a turn upon the road 
And found love waiting there.

I would not talk of destiny; I could not trust in fate.
What is this I am feeling? There must be some mistake.
One moment I was flying; the next I'm running scared.
I missed a turn upon the road
And found love waiting there.

Kind words and kisses stole my heart.
My promise is that we'll never, never, ever part.

I cannot tell what lies ahead, but then that's nothing new.
My step it will not falter, while I walk this path with you.
How come when you stop searching
You find what was always there?
I missed a turn upon the road
And found love waiting there

And so I stand before you to show the world we're one.
This day's a new beginning; the past has been and gone.
Two hearts, a rose forever shared.
I missed a turn upon the road
And found love waiting there.

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11. Melancholy Blues

Got my glass; I've got my wine;
No jobs to do the times all mine.
I tell myself I'm lucky,
Who'm I trying to fool?
I've got an hour or two,
Switch on the TV and watch the news,
Killing time for the sake of you,
And I count down these blues.

CHORUS    I miss somebody's touch tonight,
                   I miss somebody's hands,
                  Somebody's whispering, someone who understands.
                  They come around now and then these melancholy blues.
                  Most of all they come around, when
                  I'm missing you.
                  I’m missing you.

Routines and might have beens,
They make up my day.
Empty nights and broken dreams;
Come what may.
Love may come and love may go,
But the hurt it lingers oh so slow.
Where it leads us
God only knows


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12. You're Not Going To Save The World

What makes you think you're the only one
Who sees that everything gets done,
When everybody else has failed?
I'm not blaming you for trying babe,
But while I'm living you're dying babe.
You burn so bright it's frightening,
You're not gonna save the world,

Oh I know that you're meaning well,
But you don't have to try so hard.
You're giving far too much of yourself.
It'll leave you battered bruised and scarred.

There will always be a better way,
Another path come what may;
None of this is set in stone.
Life is a river life's a breeze,
It sometimes drags you to your knees.
You don't have to do this alone.

I'll always be there by your side.
I will do everything I can.
One thing you need to recognise:
Things don't always go to plan.

Time is treasure, time is gold,
Time's a fortune to behold.
It can't be bought and it can't be sold.
And you're not gonna save the world.
No, you’re not gonna save the world.

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13. I'm Sure I don't Mean This

Sit by me; you can buy me a drink
And we can talk about life for a while.
I'll tell you stories that'll make you think
And one or two might raise a smile.
And when I've won your confidence 
And you're confessing all your shame,
I'll stir the fire, rake over the coals
And then I'll put you through it all again.

I'll make you feel good,
I'll make you feel better,
I'll lend you my heart for a time.
But it's only a game; you know sooner or later
I'll be claiming what was mine.
I'll be your superstar, the one of your dreams,
I'll be anything you want tonight.
But when the morning comes
You're gonna find me gone.
Sleep tight sweetheart, sleep tight.

CHORUS     I'm sure I don't mean this;
                    It's just the mood I'm in tonight.
                    I don't believe this;
                    It's just the way I feel.
                    I'm sure I don't mean this;
                    It's just the mood I'm in tonight.
                    I don't believe this;
                    It's just the way I feel, tonight.

If you're feeling low and a little confused
And you want some hard won advice,
I can sell you soft words and sympathy,
But could you bear to pay the price?
For I'll take all that is dear to you and crush it in my hands.
There's more to life than you'd believe.
Can you see sweetheart? Do you understand?


So don't be fooled, don't be misled;
Things are seldom as they seem.
The deepest bluest ocean
Can be poisoned by a stream.
Tread lightly if you walk that road;
There's danger lying there.
There are miles of broken promises.
Take heed sweetheart. Take care.



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