WW down under #12

Read all about it, eleven weeks and whoosh it’s gone.

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I’ve no idea why the photo has posted upside down, but life’s too short to worry about such trivialities.

This may well be the penultimate blog of this tour. If you’ve read them all, we salute you. It’s more than we have done.

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Instalment number 10. Cobargo to Melbourne to Woy Woy. It’s a big old country. Follow this link and be amazed (possibly)


We return to Sydney, but not for long. Long enough to see a whopper of a spider which was too long for some.

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More Bloggage!!

WW from Wellington to Wellington. WW down under #8
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Blog number seven sees our intrepid travels reach the North Island of NZ. Follow this link for instant enthralment. 

Not much of a problem to be honest, but I was struggling for a title.

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Blog number four from our current tour. Did you see what I did there?

Good eh?

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